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Euro kitz

BMW M340i B58 3.0L Turbo Cold Air Intake

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*Delivers cold air to your turbocharger

*4" intake pipe

*4" air filter

*Improved throttle response

*More aggressive and sporty induction harmonics

*Added heat shield

*Easy to maintain DRY cone air filter

*Dyno result: Max gains 15-20hp

Note: intake filter color may vary


BMW M240i B58 

BMW M340i B58 

BMW M440i B58 

Introducing the revolutionary Euro Kitz BMW M340 M440 High Flow Air Intake with Heat Shield – a meticulously crafted system engineered to take your BMW M340 M440 to unparalleled performance heights. This precision-designed intake seamlessly integrates enhanced functionality with a touch of sophistication, elevating your driving experience.

Unlock the latent power of your BMW M340 M440 with our High Flow Air Intake. Crafted from premium materials, this intake ensures exceptional durability while consistently delivering a fresh, cool air supply to your engine, enhancing throttle response and fuel efficiency.

A pivotal element of our intake system is the Heat Shield, a feature adept at combating heat soak, a common hindrance to turbocharged vehicle performance. By effectively isolating hot engine air and directing only the coolest air to your turbocharger, you'll experience performance gains across the entire RPM range.

Key Features:

  1. Direct Fit: Tailored specifically for the BMW M340 M440, ensuring a perfect fit without the need for modifications.
  2. High Flow Design: Optimize your engine's capabilities with a continuous supply of cool, dense air.
  3. Heat Shield: Effectively shields against hot engine air, guaranteeing that only the freshest, coolest air reaches your engine, maximizing power output.
  4. Superior Quality: Constructed with premium materials to ensure enhanced durability and a prolonged service life.
  5. Improved Throttle Response: Streamlined airflow significantly enhances throttle response.
  6. Increased Fuel Efficiency: Enhanced airflow contributes to improved combustion and increased fuel economy.

No Check Engine Light

Lifetime Warranty: This air intake system comes with a lifetime warranty, providing enduring peace of mind.

The Euro Kitz BMW M340 M440 High Flow Air Intake with Heat Shield is not just an accessory; it's a substantial leap toward superior performance. With this addition, you'll not only feel the improvement but also hear the difference with each gear shift. Get ready to dominate the road like never before as your BMW unleashes its newfound power.

Note: Please make sure our kit is compatible with your car before placing an order, if you have any questions please contact us.